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Along with your weekly lessons, you'll also receive a worksheet or guide to walk you through the lesson, solidify your understanding, and to help you implement what you have learned as quickly as possible.

Monthly Coaching, Training & Q&As

Every month you will have live video call access to Natalie via Zoom. You'll be able to ask any questions you have, receive coaching, and gain access to the wealth of knowledge and experience through any trainings she may provide while she is live.

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You will join other determined, driven and high-achieving members in our exclusive group chat where you can connect, discuss and learn from one another, and message Natalie with any and all questions you have.

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meet natalie:

Featured in Thrive Global, Black Enterprise, and recently named 1 of the Top 10 Performance Coaches to Follow in Yahoo! Finance, Natalie Taylor is The Life & Business Architect that will be leading The Society on this journey.

She is a transformation coach, human capital development strategist, and a business development consultant who guides individuals in unlocking their abilities to reach their optimal performance and full potential. Prior to completing her MBA and rewarding career as a marketing and business development strategist, Natalie had already earned her stripes as a financial consultant on Wall Street. She started working with Credit Suisse, later joining Ernst and Young as a public auditor and worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Goldman Sacs, UBS, Leman Brothers, and National Australia Bank to name a few.

Natalie is now on a mission to support 1,000 highly-driven, ambitious women in overcoming fear & financial insecurity and creating massive business & personal transformation, along with community impact. 

Will you be one to the 1,000?

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here's what some of the members are saying about why they joined life architect society & what they have gotten so far...


Q: 12 months is a very long time commitment, why is the program so long?

A: It's designed so that members can truly go through the cycle of transformation instead of having to cram it all into 1 month or even 3 months. Anyone who has ever experienced a transformation knows: you learn the information, then you have to implement the information, and then you have to have support as you're implementing...and even then that's still not enough for transformation. Sometimes you have to tweak and reimplement, and then tweak and reimplement again.

1 - 3 months (like every other online program) doesn't allow for that transformation. 12 months does.

Q: What if I can't keep up for 12 months because life gets busy? 

A: Transformation doesn't require 100% of your energy 100% of the time.

Transformation requires 100% commitment 100% of the time.

You don't have to show up with 100% motivation and energy 100% of the 12 months to succeed inside Life Architect Society. Yes, you will be excited, then you'll get bored, then you'll get tired, and then guess what? You'll get excited again. If you stick with it long enough.

This is where you rely, NOT on motivation, but on support from me and from the other members inside the Society. We will be the ones to hold you accountable, to make sure you honor your commitment to yourself, so that in 1 can see the vision that you hoped to achieve.

So, can you commit to keep showing up for your transformation?

Q: What makes this different from any other program, how do I know that you're the one to help me? 

A: I know that you may have seen other programs and may even be considering purchasing those programs.

There are 3 ways in which Life Architect Society is different from anything else:
---> The Membership
---> The Methodology
---> Me

1. The Membership

I know that there are other membership offers out there. But there are very few memberships that create space for you to be both a learner AND a leader.  I firmly believe that you are both and should be given space to show up as both.

You are a highly driven and motivated individual. You've created success before in your area of expertise and in your life experience. You know what it takes to lead yourself and lead others...So why should you shrink to be less than you are?

This will be a membership where, yes, you are trained and you receive support. BUT it will also be a membership where you will be surrounded by a network of other women who have different areas of expertise than you do. 

SO not only will I support you in your own development, but you can support them with your areas of expertise, and they can support you with their areas of expertise. In some areas, you will be able to lead them with your skills and experience, and in others, they will lead you in their skills and experience.

This is the best way to accelerate growth. 

2. The Methodology

You'll notice that each month inside Life Architect Society is designed with intention, and month after month, each transformation you experience will build on itself: Both Life Architect Society Tracks are designed based on my signature Life Architect Complete Methodology.

This methodology is so comprehensive and transformative that no matter which area of your life you apply it in, you will see results. I pretty much guarantee that because when I apply Life Architect Complete with every client I've worked with, the results just happen:

Health restored
Marriages reconciled
New clients pouring in
Finances growing exponentially
Divorcees re-married
6-figure and 7-figure contracts signed
Promotions achieved
Leadership developed
Confidence restored
Communication improved

This methodology works more than I've seen anything else work. It's what I apply in my own life every day, it's what my clients use, and the track record of results is consistent and undeniable. You're receiving the fullness of my methodology over 1 year to create transformation in your life.

3. Me

Any of my clients who have worked with me before know this:

I show up 100% above and beyond the call of duty for your success.

I take all of my financial and leadership expertise from working on Wall Street for Fortune 100 companies and managing multi-billion dollar corporations and assets...

I take my years of life experience as a woman who grew up in abject poverty, a single mom of 4, someone who has been abused, betrayed, divorced, and yet has healed and grown into the fullness of self-love and confidence...

I take all my skills as a leader, a teacher, an encourager, a motivator, a minister, a financial analyst, a strategist, a life architect, and a coach...

And I bring everything to the table for your success.

So now you know Life Architect Society is different from anything else out there. What will be your next step?